The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation a seasonal European magazine on SF produced by a group of mainly science and engineering graduates.

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This is the core operational Concatenation team. Alan Boakes, Dan Heidel, Jonathan Cowie.

Concat's founders were: Tony Chester, Graham Connor, Jonathan Cowie.

Concat's key functions are carried out by: Alan Boakes (webmaster), Jonathan Cowie (editorial and natural sciences), Dan Heidel (IT, back-up site, site registration and site alerts), Graham Connor (physical sciences), Bill Parry ('Futures' PDF editing), Boris Sidyuk (webspace). Additional regular reviewers (2010) not mentioned above include: Susan Griffiths, Ian Hunter, Duncan Lunan, Nadia Mook.

Key assistance from: Tony Bailey (stationery), Henry Gee ('Futures') and Roberto Quaglia (mainland European fandom).