Concatenation Science Fiction Guide Core Checklists

Just what should be in your SF book and video collections? To help answer this question the Concatenation team are in the process of having a guide published with entries on the books and films that form the core of any SF collection. The checklists are based on core fan-voted awards and surveys (NB. But not panel or author voted awards!) Just click on the links below...

Science Fiction Books Checklist

Science Fiction Films Checklist

These check lists should help newcomers to the genre establish their collections. Titles in a bold font in the lists could be considered as forming the core of any collection (and have an entry in the paperback edition of the guide). Titles in normal font might be considered by more dedicated SF enthusiasts (and are mentioned only within entries in the paperback edition of the guide). An exclamation mark by the title of the book or film means that there is some other factor for that particular work's inclusion or something of which to be aware, and this is explained in the paperback edition of the guide. (These checklists are only valid up to 1999 whereas the subsequently published guide's first edition includes works up to 2005.)

The paperback edition of Essential Science Fiction also covers TV, key SF conventions and aspects of fandom.

More news about this guide to follow shortly...

2006 News: The guide is now out with good reviews".

2010 News: The guide's first edition is largely sold out -- Easter 2010's Euroconference saw much of the remainder stock go. Porcupine have a few score copies left as have we at Concatenation mission control so we can still fulfil the occasional request but we will not be having another promotional push.

The guide's editors have each year been updating their electronic master copy given the small press, first edition's reception, a more commercial publisher would be welcome for a second edition.

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