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If you want to get in touch with SF² Concatenation, please mail us at the following address -

οffice AT cοncatenation DOT οrg

NOTE: You will need to re-type, rather than cut-and paste, the above
due to various anti-email-address-harvesting bot measures we have taken.

This generic e-mail will also reach North Heath SF - just put something relevant in the subject line.

Contacting us for the first time, please read this guidance which may save you time learning how to get the best from us (as well as how not to waste your time). Those contacting us with requests who blatantly have not read this guidance will not get a reply and repeat offenders will have their e-mail added to our spam filters which could mean that when you next do have something we genuinely might promote, then you will not be able to reach us.

Please allow at least one week (preferably two) for reply as not all the SF2 Concatenation team are within easy access of each other: remember, this is a volunteer site and we all have real lives.

Matt (Concat webmaster 1997-2001) Freestone was our original webmaster when we moved from print to the internet. His personal website -- -- is currently dormant. Alan Boakes was our last webmaster (2001 - 2018).  Currently webmastering duties are being shared between two or three, so allowance of time for response really is to be noted.

Important if you are sending promotional publicity information please only send your messages to one address. Sending copies of the same message to several of us only results in our forwarding them to the appropriate person and this results in their being bombarded with forwarded messages and can, not least, run the risk of confusion as to what has been included in our seasonal news folder and what has been left out as duplicate material. Offenders are given one warning. Again, repeat offenders are spam listed by each of our key servers.   Sorry to have to be firm and spell out the obvious but some with lesser communication skills come close to spamming.

Jonathan (Concat senior editor/co-ordinator) does not have home e-mail (nor home internet access and he largely oscillates between locales in different parts of the country) but can be reached through the general e-mail address, though you may have to allow a little time. Similarly, given time, you can reach most members of the team. (We are all good at forwarding stuff appropriately.)

Peter is the contact person for the Northumberland Heath SF group a.k.a. NW Kent SF.

Finally, in addition to guidance, you may want to know our seasonal posting schedule and note we require your news one month before seasonal posting; remember our big 3 seasonal postings are usually well over 50 pages should you print all the material out and all this needs careful coding. (Our news editor finalises the seasonal news page three weeks before posting and then our webmaster collects everything, assembles it, runs internal link checks and then external link checks before posting (hopefully) by our regular scheduled date.)


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