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There are just six major site updates a year. We welcome news for these at least three weeks in advance of our schedules posting

If you have any problems or suggestions as to how we might refine matters or explain things with greater clarity then you can always e-mail our webmaster at 'office (at) ''.

Normally our schedule is usually:-
        o January with Spring News and reviews
        o February/March with a Nature short story
        o April/May with Summer news and reviews (nearly always after Easter)
        o June/July with a Nature short story
        o September with Autumnal news and reviews
        o November with a Nature short story
        o December (occasionally only) with a pre-Christmas Nature short story

Good luck and we hope you enjoy visiting The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation. If you feel like supporting us then you can  a) let your friends -- who you think will appreciate the site -- know we exist, and  b) you can link your own site to:, The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation (or SF2 Concatenation for short).


P.S. We have had to discontinue our electronic alert serivce. (The on-going war of having to continually upgrade our database registration security was getting to be too much...) But you can always set your electronic diary to notify you that a new edition of SF2 ( is out. For example MS Office Outlook has one you can access thus:-
i.       Open MS Outlook
ii.     Click on 'Tasks' (left hand column)
iii.     Click on 'Actions' (top menu) and then 'New Task' (and fill in other details)
iv.     Click on 'Recurrence'
v.       Click on 'Yearly'
vi.     Don't forget to set for 'no end date' as we hope to be around for several years to come.
          (You can cancel [delete] the recurring task anytime.) We suggest the three main
          (spring [January], summer [April] and autumn [September] editions) should suffice for most purposes
          and to set the date a week after the mid-month scheduled date in case we are ever late
          (plus by then we usually have done a tidy-up of errors regulars have spotted).


P.S.S. We are now on Twitter. This may help those who don't remember when our site additions are regularly made as we are using Twitter to provide site alert updates. Our Twitter name is @SF2Concat.  However we are only using Twitter for site alerts, so don't expect anything else if you are one of the few who do follow us. Having said that, as of 2014, our followers do get a little advanced notice, and access, to some of our seasonal content.


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