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The Armadillo Proposals for Inclusive Eurocon - Worldcons

The European SF Society has not evolved as fast as the Eurocons or Europe has over the past one and a half decades. Further we are now in a period when Worldcons appear to be held in Europe at least once a decade and combined with Eurocons. The 2005 Eurocon cum Worldcon (Glasgow) arguably could have done more for media and film fans as well as its Eurocon dimension.

Here are some initial bullet point thoughts on what might perhaps be done to take things forward. They are for the consideration of ESFS and European venued Worldcon conrunners.

If, and it is a big if, a future European-venued Worldcon wishes to be both truly European and (pro-) actively include fans across the spectrum of SF from its written to its visual forms, then we need to recognise where matters are arguably falling down.  The Armadillo proposal arises out of some of the aspects of the 2005 joint Worldcon & Eurocon which, though hugely successful in very many ways (indeed was perhaps the best European venued Worldcon to date), stumbled a bit regarding its European, film and media dimensions despite statements from the convention co-chair of their importance and his stated vision for the convention.  The proposals were drafted in the fortnight following the 2005 Worldcon following discussion with a number attending the 2005 Worldcon including some of those responsible for these dimensions as well as member of an SF group that primarily focuses on TV science fiction who both attended as well as those who stayed away (not attracted by Interaction's PR.  These proposals have no formal standing and should only be simply considered as one Jonathan Cowie flying a kite.  It is just a discussion document.  The 'Armadillo' because the one of the 2005 Eurocon-Worldcon's conference buildings is armadillo shaped.

The Proposals

In order to ensure that the success of the 2005 Euro-Worldcon is built upon in successor events, the following might be considered by conrunners and/or ESFS (the European SF Society) as appropriate. Namely:

The Worldcon conrunners should consider on the media and film front...

On the Eurocon front (if the Worldcon is to be joint affair) Euro-Worldcon organisers (Chairs or Co-Chairs) should consider...

For a combined Eurocon-Worldcon to be a more equal partnership ESFS itself needs to move forward. Irrespective of possible Worldcon interactions, ESFS needs to evolve to meet the needs of early 21st century Eurocons. It, ESFS, I respectfully submit should seriously consider:

If the above seems to officious for ESFS, then consider it this way. Having members and member grades are actually a central hallmark of a proper society. Arguably ESFS needs to leave its embryonic days behind so as to provide a sound framework for European SF events.

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