The NorthWest Kent SF Society

(a.k.a The Phoenicians)


LATEST: We have moved. We are now here.

The Phoenicians consists of a small group of half a dozen to a dozen science fiction book and film fans as well as those with a sceptical interest in Fortean phenomena. Its meetings are free and informal, consisting of purely a chat over a drink.

Time of meetings: In theory (see 'However' below) the 2nd Thursday of each month from 8.00pm through to closing time.

Place: The Duke of Northumberland, Bexley Road A220 (by junction with Brook Street) mid-way between Barnehurst and Erith. (Update: We are now at the Duchess.

Nearest rail stations are Erith (connecting Charing X via Greenwhich) and Barnehurst (connecting Charing X via Bexleyheath). Both Erith and Barnehurst are separate branch lines one-stop towards London from Dartford.

The group also organises outings once or twice a year to the cinema and to national and international SF conventions, the most popular of which among members is the annual Festival of Fantastic Films and also the Eurocon.

The Phoenicians is twinned with the H G Wells Society in Timisoara, Romania. It has sponsored visitors from that Society to Britain as well as helped organise events in Timisoara (such as an International Week of Science and SF for the eclipse of 1999 it is helping with another for May 2003).

A number of Phoenicians members have connections with the national and international SF community of fans and professionals. Consequently group members between them have access to a broad base of news and information.

However in recent times NW Kent Society meetings have become less frequent due to members work and domestic commitments (largely due to nobody in the group currently being prepared to shoulder the responsibility of group leadership as well as a diaspora of folk moving away from the area following their careers). This is nothing new and all part of growing up and being British. The society has had periods of low activity a couple of times before in its 20 year history. (Though there is an upside in that now we get to visit former members in various parts of the country and meet up at key SF events. It also means we are reasonably well connected with the broader SF community both in the British Isles and across Europe.) Consequently it is currently advisable to e-mail us at the Concatenation address a few weeks in advance telling us a bit about yourself and your interests and we will arrange for at some of us to be at the Duke of Northumberland or a nearby watering hole the next 2nd Wednesday in the month.

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