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Artcore #2

Artcore #2 (2003) Ralf Heinrich (Ed), Fanfare, 14.99, pbk, 84pp, ISBN 0-865-62077-6


This is the second issue of mg publishing/SQP/Fanfare's anthology/sampler magazine, the subject matter of which is such that sale is prohibited to those under 18 (the images are somewhat more explicit than I've seen in their other books). This issue has a 10-page strip from the adult comic Alraune by Toni Greis and Robi, a photo essay on model Stacy E Walker (used by many fantasy and erotic artists) and also Lori Benson presented in a Warhol-esque screenprint style, and artwork by Drew Posada (my personal highlight of the issue), Carlos Cartagena, Carlos Diez, Erik Drudwyn, Lorenzo Sperlonga (another highlight), Jon Hul (who has Mystica out from Fanfare now), Sonia Rojil, Marcus Gray, Wal, Cane Hoyer, and Luis Royo who has a new book out, Seχ Prohibited, which will probably be available soon. On the whole I think this mag is done considerably better than, say, the attempts by such as Playboy to produce 'adult comics' or 'erotic artwork' books, but at the same time I also have to say that, due to the simplicity of presentation, the mag ends up being little more than a sampler - nothing wrong with that! This issue is worth it for the Posada, Sperlonga and Royo alone, but fans of erotic art will not be disappointed by the other offerings either. This will also appeal to 'scream queens' fans and the kind of comics fans who favour Heavy Metal over superheroics. Fanfare books can be ordered (and information sought) from or by hassling your local shop!

Tony Chester

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