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The Art of Clyde Caldwell

The Art of Clyde Caldwell (2002) Clyde Caldwell, Fanfare, 15.99, pbk, 128pp, ISBN 0-86562-059-8

Caldwell is probably best known for nearly 10 years worth of work for the games company TSR and covers for Baen Books, however he should also be known to comics fans for his covers to Heavy Metal, Epic Illustrated and The Savage Sword of Conan. Though the work in this collection is largely fantasy, there are some horror and "science-fantasy" elements. A couple of pieces betray Caldwell's love of Frank Frazetta and these, along with the reproductions from the 'Savage Hearts' and 'Death Angels' portfolios, are among my favourites here. Fantasy fans especially will enjoy this book.

Tony Chester

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