Science Fiction/Fantasy Art Book Review

The Frank Collection vol.2
Great Fantasy Art Themes from The Frank Collection

(2003) Jane & Howard Frank, Paper Tiger, 20.00, hdbk, 128pp, ISBN 1-84340-073-1

Following the success of The Frank Collection comes this second volume selected from what is probably the largest and finest fantasy art collection in the world. Jane Frank is the managing director of Worlds of Wonder, an agency which specialises in the sale of SF and fantasy art and sculpture, and was also the author of Paper Tiger's wonderful book The Art of Richard Powers (shortlisted for a Hugo). She and husband Howard are well known at conventions and he has spoken frequently at World SF and World Fantasy Cons. This book is split into themes such as 'Femmes Fatales', 'Space & Magic' and 'Heroes' and presents the work of many well-known artists including Boris (Vallejo), Virgil Finlay, Rowena, Chesley Bonestell, Tim Hildebrandt, Jael, Jim Burns, Frank Kelly Freas, Ian Miller, Bob Eggleton, Michael Whelan, Hannes Bok and many many more. It may be that for some this huge diversity of work is off-putting, but my feeling is that these collections provide an eclectic 'starting ground' for those just becoming interested in fantasy and SF art (sort of like a 'sampler', if you will) and that, from here, one can then seek out the work of those artists which have a particular appeal for a given reader. So, bearing that in mind, this book is recommended to lovers of fantasy art, old and new.

Tony Chester

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