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Paper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery

Paper Tiger Fantasy Art Gallery (2002) Paul Barnett (Ed), Paper Tiger, 14.95, pbk, 144pp, ISBN 1-85585-957-2

This is a collection of 25 interviews with artists (with examples of their work) from the electronic pages of The Paper Snarl, the Paper Tiger fanzine created in 1999, edited by long-time fan Paul Barnett. Artists include Jael, Brom, Vincent Di Fate, Judith Clute, David Hardy, Frank Kelly Freas, Jim Burns, Fangorn, Bob Eggleton and Ron Miller. Without being elitist, Snarl will appeal more to the professional and the aficionado than the casual fan but, nonetheless, these are fascinating interviews for those with a real interest in art, from the creative to the commercial aspects. Barnett combines fannish integrity with professional abilities without kowtowing to either and the reproduction is, as ever, excellent. Recommended.

Tony Chester

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