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The Art of Walter Girotto

The Art of Walter Girotto (2002) Walter Girotto, Fanfare, 11.99, pbk, 104pp, ISBN 0-86562-061-X

There is a distinctive look to Girotto's work largely stemming from his use of oils and pastels on wood, though he also extensively uses coloured pencils and crayons on prepared paper (which, personally, I really like and which reminds me of Paolo Serpieri -- I mention this by way of recommendation to Druuna fans). There are many classical and pre-Raphaelite themes and subjects here, but with a distinctly modern twist, not least the use of contemporary models such as Anna Nicole Smith, Julie Strain and Rhonda Shear (see how many you can recognise!). This is erotica without genre trappings, barring some mythological themes, so there are no axes or ray-guns or improbable costumes. There is, however, page after page of gorgeous, vivid and luscious art of voluptuous and beautiful women. Highly recommended.

Tony Chester

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