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Art Fantastix Select #3: Jennifer Janesko

Art Fantastix Select #3: Jennifer Janesko (2002) Jennifer Janesko, Fanfare, 14.99, pbk, 112pp, ISBN 0-86166-148-6

Jennifer Janesko has for over a decade been quietly producing some of the most compelling pin-up art in the US. Like Olivia de Berardinis she is a beautiful woman who loves painting beautiful and sensual women. Jennifer's work is truly 'glamorous' in the sense that it was used in the first part of the twentieth century, in the same area and style as Olivia and Chris Achilleos - no comparison is intended (and would anyway be useless) - but also of Royo, without the genre elements. Her fascination with eyes and lips leaps off the page and convey sensuality and strength in equal measure. Janesko has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and now runs Janesko Fine Arts, LLC from Kansas City. Her work has appeared in Playboy, Maxim, Scream Queens and Skin Two as well as other magazines around the world. Highly recommended to pin-up fans.

Tony Chester

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