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(2000) Chris Moore, Paper Tiger, 20.00, hrdbk, 128pp, ISBN 1-85585-849-5

As you would expect from Paper Tiger, Moores art is beautifully presented. Hes had quite a lot of work of late from Gollancz so, if you have any of their SF Masterworks series or their recent SF output, then you have probably encountered Moores work. His obsessions include jet planes, BIG spaceships, lots of forced perspective, robots, Foss-ian buildings, and portraiture. Im a big fan of his use of colour and of his grandiose city-scapes, but his faces (especially female) leave me cold. Commentary from the man himself is supplied by a string of informal conversations with author Stephen Gallagher but, as is often the case with books of this type, the majority of the information contained therein is probably most of interest to other artists, though there are revealing snippets about his influences and motivations. My one quibble with the book is the price - lovely though it is, and high as the production values are, I think Id be inclined to wait for a softback version (assuming Paper Tiger are going to produce one... )

Tony Chester

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