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Metamorphosis -- The Art of Matt Hughes

Metamorphosis - The Art of Matt Hughes (2002) Matt Hughes, Fanfare, 6.99, pbk, 48pp, ISBN 0-86562-062-8

I've only been aware of Matt Hughes work for a couple of years, largely from Chaos! Comics covers for Lady Death, swimsuit specials and one-shots like Mischief Nights. However, since that time Matt has expanded his contacts within the field of fantasy and I've wanted to see more. This collection then is both timely and welcome and, needless to say, an absolute pleasure to see. Like many a 'girlie' artist Matt has been influenced by, among others, Boris, Frazetta, Olivia and Mucha and has had the pleasure of working with models such as Teri Byrne, Kelly Kole, CJ Belle and Nikki Christian. Fantasy themes abound, especially winged women, be they fairy, demon or angel, but my favourites here are those pictures of Lady Death and 'Arachne' (cf. the mythological maiden who challenged Athena to a tapestry contest, for the classically educated among you!). I hope, and am sure, that we will see much more of Matt's work in the future, but for now I gladly recommend this title and envy the pleasure of those who have yet to encounter Matt's work for the first time.

Tony Chester

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