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Noda -- Portraits of Pleasure

Noda - Portraits of Pleasure (2002) Shinichi Noda, Fanfare, 11.99, pbk, 88pp, ISBN 0-86562-063-6

Inspired by Sorayama and Olivia (to the point of having one of her pieces tattooed on his arm!) Noda took up the airbrush and applied it to... aluminium board! There is an ethereal quality that he has achieved with his technique that adds a soft-focus to his photorealistic style. Noda's humility is matched only by the enthusiasm of his many admirers, including Veronika of Narcisse who exhibited his work at her Echo Gallery in Chicago, Noda's first ever overseas exhibit, in December of 2001. She has also modelled for Noda, along with the beautiful Eve Ellis and Irina Veronina. Being, in a manner of speaking, of such recent vintage few people have yet encountered Noda's work (myself included) but, hopefully, the publication of this book will bring him to much wider attention. My only criticism of his work, and it's purely a matter of taste, is that sometimes his facial expressions lean toward the tired and withdrawn, if not actual distaste (and, in at least one case, fear) - not the most enticing look. That aside these paintings are memorably lovely and I happily recommend this volume.

Tony Chester

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