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The Art of Rowena

(2000) Rowena Morrill, Paper Tiger, £20.00, hrdbk, 112pp, ISBN 1-85585-778-2

I’m probably in a minority of one here, but I don’t like Rowena’s work. I find her figures stiff and unconvincing, her use of colour a riot of clashes, and the work in general singularly humourless. Having said that, there are exceptions even for me. Some of the pieces in the ‘Portrait Commissions’ section show she is more than capable of producing authentic-looking faces, the odd one-off (I’m thinking here of a National Lampoon cover) display some humour, and some of the less vivid works are not so violent in their over-use of colour. With text by Doris Vallejo and an introduction by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, this book is sure to appeal to fantasy fans and fans of her work in general (perhaps collectors of her many ‘trading cards’ sets), so I doubt my taste will deter many buyers. However, the price might... Anyone for a softback version?

Tony Chester

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