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Sheer Desire -- The Art of Michael Mobius

Sheer Desire - The Art of Michael Möbius (2002) Michael Möbius, Fanfare, £6.99, pbk, 48pp, ISBN 0-86562-056-3

This is the first time I've had the pleasure of seeing Möbius's art, and I have to say that it's utterly gorgeous. Born near Dresden in 1968 he was initially influenced by the work of Sorayama, but his world was changed when The Wall came down in 1989. He made contact with Renato Casaro, who Möbius considers his most significant influence and then, nearly thirty, started to appear in Penthouse, at the same time being exhibited in California (where he now lives half the year) and New York. He has had the pleasure of painting some of the most beautiful and sensuous women in the world, including Denise Richards (shame about the eyebrows), Claudia Schiffer (who has never looked as good in real life as she does here), Linda Evangelista, Pamela Anderson and the devine Devin Devasquez (you got to envy these guys some times). Every picture drips with eroticism, the four-page spread of Devin and the piece 'Obsession' for which she was also the model to name but two. Möbius is also very good with detail, for instance the distortions produced by transparent rope in 'Fragile'. On the strength of this one book I'm a Möbius fan. Highly recommended.

Tony Chester

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