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Skin Tight -- The Art of Marcus Gray

Skin Tight - The Art of Marcus Gray (2002) Marcus Gray, Fanfare, 6.99, pbk, 48pp, ISBN 0-86562-060-1

I would hesitate to say that this collection is for the fetishists, not least because of extensive personal experience of the overlap from those areas to genre material (think of all those improbable fantasy and SF costumes, or just take a look at the entries in any convention fancy dress parade), but Gray will definitely be familiar and appeal to fans of Skin Two, for example. Glasgow-born Gray worked mainly in the field of commercial art until the early nineties but then, inspired largely by Alphonse Mucha, he turned his attention to 'girlie' art (or whatever you want to call it). Other influences include Olivia de Berardinis and Chris Achilleos and, in places, Gray Morrow. The photo-realistic work is mostly achieved using gouache and pencil on rough watercolour paper, though he employs many other effects in exploring the contrast between skin one and skin two, so to speak. This might not be to everybody's taste, but is nonetheless recommended to fans of the outre female form.

Tony Chester

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