Science Fiction/Fantasy Art Book Review

The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate

(2001) Vincent Di Fate, Paper Tiger, 20.00, hrdbk, 112pp, ISBN 1-85585-949-1

This is a fascinating collection of Di Fate's art, alongside some of his SF essays. His career has spanned some four decades and is still going strong today. The essays include "The Infinite in Black & White (and Shades of Grey)" about pulp illustration and his relationship with John W Campbell, "Sci-Fi Hokum and Barry Who?" about SF creature-features, and "Shadows on the Sky" about his delight in fanciful UFOlogy. The art is split into sections which explore the "Future Real", reminiscent of Chesley Bonestell, "Future Imagined", SF bookcovers, "Fantasy and Horror", a brief taste only, and the combined essay and art of "Gadget Man", hard SF illustrations from such diverse sources as Analog and trading cards. This reads like a breathtakingly illustrated fanzine, full of raw enthusiasm and love of the genre accompanied by beautiful pictures covering every aspect of SF. A must for lovers of SF art.

Tony Chester

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