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Wicked Intentions -- The Art of Dave Nestler

Wicked Intentions - The Art of Dave Nestler (2002) Dave Nestler, Fanfare, 6.99, pbk, 48pp, ISBN 0-86562-065-2

Nestler combines the pin-up eroticism of a Vargas girl with some slight bondage fetishism largely for business reasons, eradicating the implicit menace of such scenes, returning instead to the playful sensuality of the late, great Eric Stanton (who was a fan of Nestler's work). This collection features the Glamourotica series "Blonde and Gagged" among other work including some cheekily hilarious nods in the area of genre art, for example the beautiful vampiress (modelled by Barbara Moore) in the piece 'Daddy's Little Girl' (she stands in front of a portrait of Lugosi as Dracula), as well as an homage to the classical pin-up in 'The Graduate' which is very reminiscent of Gil Elvgren. Possibly not to everyone's taste I would nonetheless recommend this to anyone interested in the one-hundred-and-second use for duct tape!

Tony Chester

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