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Seven Stars

(2000) Kim Newman, Pocket Books, £6.99, pbk, 386pp, ISBN 0-671-77338-0


This collection of six novellas follows the jewel of the seven stars from ancient Egypt to the 21st Century, and loosely connects many of the characters from Newman's other work, including Charles Beauregard and Genevieve Dieudonné from the Dracula novels, Rob Hackwill from the 'Where the Bodies are Buried' shorts, Derek Leech and Sally Rhodes from The Quorum, and others besides, not to mention the Diogenes Club and its various agents. The whole is as good an introduction as any to those unfamiliar with Newman's output, aided by an extensive 'Who's Who'. The stories are excellent, in a pulp-ish kind of way, and should definitely appeal to fans of Newman. Well worth reading. Highly recommended.

Tony Chester

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