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This is the master index to SF² Concatenation's SF &
science seasonal newscast (sci fi news).
Compared to other SF & science on-line news sources
Concatenation provides a seasonal, Euro-centric perspective
across the genre and sciences with some key coverage
of SF developments in other continents.

This page provides a detailed index to SF² Concatenation's current season's newscast (enabling you to jump straight to specialist sections within the large page). Lower down this page there are single links to previous editions' news pages.  Once you are in a seasonal edition's news page you will find, between sections, yellow-coloured mini-indexes to the other sections within that edition. This saves you having to continually navigate back to this green master index page.

Current season's news page section contents.

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General Science News Natural Science News Astronomy & Space News
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In addition to the above newscast, other material is also uploaded this season including articles and reviews.
Check out the What's New page.

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SF² Concatenation's previous seasonal newscasts are link-listed below:-

Earlier stuff: SF² Concatenation's past annual print editions contain science and SF news, articles and reviews between 1987 and 1997 but we regret that our supply has run out.   Copies do occasionally surface in the dealers room at the UK Eastercon SF convention among other cons. The covers of some of these early print editions are pictured below.

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Other Science Fiction news sources: Our news is a seasonal review that covers SF books, film, TV and the SF community as well as has a UK forthcoming books listing.   Though international it has a view of the World from a somewhat European perspective. Other websites featuring SF news have their own focus and include...

  • Ansible - UK/US SF author news/gossip & UK convention monthly newsletter
  • Locus On-line - Good near daily links (brief links - blinks) to many key to SF book related postings and naturally excellent Locus magazine coverage. It mainly has a North American focus but includes some UK news
  • - A lively SF site with much news covering book, film and TV - bloggy and N.American
  • - Updated almost daily, this bloggy N.American site covers mainly SF book convention & Worldcon fandoms plus a little other SF news

Still other SF websites a number of us find useful/interesting are on our Science Fiction portal page.

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