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Autumn 2018

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The new European data protection rules cause a little upset.  Last season's editorial comment opined that the SF community was in a number of places unprepared for the new regulations despite having had two years in which to do so.  And now the regulations (known as GDPR) are in force.  Already there have been some non-SF casualties and for example, some high-profile US news websites are temporarily unavailable in Europe after new EU data protection rules came into effect.  And even some big players, who'd you may have thought had the resources and motive to be better prepared, have been caught out including Google and Facebook being accused of breaking GDPR laws (as if some of them have not already got their own data protection problems in the US).  There are lessons from GDPR of which some in our SF community (especially event organisers) not yet quite up to peed arguably may want to take note.  +++ Related news in the page below The state has rights to your facial data for facial recognition says Big Brother governmental Minister.



The summer saw two of SF² Concatenation's founding editors (Graham and Jonathan along with a number associated with BECCON (it was at BECCON's Eastercon in 1987 that SF² Concatenation was launched) gather.  This followed last year's 30th anniversary reunion which went sufficiently well that we did it again (and looks like we might also do next year).  As with last year we met in a pleasant, rural pub with a huge garden a few seconds walk from a SE Midlands rail station.

Global energy gap
SF² Concatenation at the 2018 BECCON 1987 reunion. Caroline Mullen (edition promotion
on Facebook), Jane O'Reilly (book reviewer), Jonathan Cowie (founding co-editor),
Peter Tyers (convention reporter and book reviewer), Graham Connor (founding co-editor),
Brian Ameringen (Essential SF publisher).
Caroline, Jonathan and Brian were also part of the BECCON '87 Eastercon committee.

          The original print SF2 Concatenation began in 1987 with support of a couple of members (Chuck and Harry of the MaD SF group (Manchester and District SF which is not to be confused with the former, neighbouring BaD [Bolton] SF Group). Some associated with MaD SF in the past have moved and one such, Bill Burns, all the way to the US. But he is still very much involved in SF and returns to Brit Cit each year for the annual British natcon (the British Eastercon), while in the US he overseas the excellent e-Fanzines assemblage of online fanzines.  And now this last has been recognised by the North American Fan Activity Achievement (FAAN) Awards with Bill's eFanzines winning the Award in the on-line activity category.  Congratulations Bill.
          And that's it.

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