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Jay & Silent Bob: Chasing Dogma

(1999) Kevin Smith and Duncan Fegredo, Titan Books, trdpbk, £8.99, 128pp, ISBN 1-84023-168-8

Originally published as a four-issue mini-series by Oni Press, this collection bridges the gap between the films Chasing Amy and Dogma, charting the progress of the title characters in their journey across states. (Jay and SB also appeared in Smithís other cult movies Clerks and the excellent Mallrats) This non-tale of the chaos and mayhem that follows in the wake of Jay and Silent Bobís journey is, unfortunately, of little interest to those who do not like or know Smithís film work but, for those who do, this is a little gem of a comic, despite the word-heavy prose that is forgivable in film (except, perhaps, by the actors who must learn the lines), but which is not ideally suited to comics. Fegredoís art is lovely throughout and certainly suits Smithís style as a film-maker, and the detailed backgrounds are exquisite. While I would hesitate to give this a general recommendation, it is certain to be received warmly by fans of Smithís films. Snootchie bootchies!

Tony Chester

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