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Lucifer: A Dalliance with the Damned

(2002) Mike Carey et al., Vertigo/DC, 10.95 / US$14.95, trdpbk, 160pp, ISBN 1-56389-892-6

This third volume collects issues 14-20 of the monthly title and sees Lucifer at work in the new universe he has created beyond the gateway. He also visits Hell with his companion Mazikeen, now war leader of the Lilim in exile. But there is a revolution in Hell between those who would restore the old order, with Lucifer as their ruler, and those who prefer the new arrangements. As usual, however, Lucifer will keep his own counsel, despite warnings from Pharamond and the angel Michael, and his next move is as unexpected as it is audacious...

Mike Carey easily maintains the high standards he set himself early on, and Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly and Dean Ormston continue to enthrall with their artwork. Arguably the standard was set by Neil Gaiman and Sandman, but Carey is in no sense in Gaiman's shadow. Lucifer is every bit Carey's (and the artists') title and is easily one of the best comics available today. My one criticism of this volume is that the 7 covers of the original issues are reproduced on only two pages and I would have especially liked Christopher Moeller's five covers to be presented at full size. That aside, this is a wonderful title and heartily recommended to all.

Tony Chester

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