Science Fiction/Fantasy Art Book Review


(1999) Boris Vallejo, Paper Tiger, 20.00, hrdbk, 128pp, ISBN 1-85585-715-4

This is a lovely and varied collection of Boris's work covering myth and fantasy, science fiction, and comics (ie. it's not all improbable women in brass nipple-cups). This volume beautifully showcases his vibrant use of colour and his wonderful composite creatures (something other artists struggle to make convincing), as well as displaying his more playful side, for instance in the screamingly funny portrayal of Bill and Hilary Clinton as Tarzan and Jane. There are plenty of "babes" here (not surprising really), my personal favourite being the portrait of comic's character Vampirella from the Topps trading cards. The work spans from the early eighties to the late nineties, about 120 paintings in all, with detailed captions supplied by Nigel Suckling. A must for Boris fans and lovers of fantastic art.

Tony Chester

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