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Corrupting Dr. Nice

(1998) John Kessel, Victor Gollancz, 16.99, hrdbk, 190pp, ISBN 0-575-06611-3


Lifting his universe straight from Mozart in Mirrorshades (and admitting it), Kessel plays with time travel creating 'pocket' universes which are exploited for resources, tourism, whatever. The hero is breaking the rules by transporting a dinosaur (a small one) forward in time, and while so doing runs across a father and daughter con-artist team, who can scent a buck to be made from the situation. The daughter, however, falls in love with Dr. Nice, and he with her. Cue comedy of errors, due to various deceptions of each character; a disillusioned and somewhat fanatical disciple, Simon, coming to grips with various versions of Jesus; add in a dose of love-conquers-all; and... Well, and then you probably don't need to read the book. Shame.

Tony Chester

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