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Dark Terrors 3

(1997) Jones & Sutton (Eds.), Gollancz, 16.99, hrdbk, 381pp, ISBN 0-575-06516-8

The ex-Pan-book-of-horror seems well settled into its new home at Gollancz, and offers a good snapshot of stories (though I suspect many will await the paperback). As usual, there seems little point in attempting to critique the stories individually -- anthologies like this often gather their admirers, and either sell or not on the readers' trust in the editors. I think that on the whole they do an excellent job, even if I occasionally quibble with individual choices. I did particularly like this volume, which contains some of my favourite authors, and the treats on offer include Ray Bradbury, Ray Garton, Dennis Etchison and Michael Marshall Smith. I'd recommend the book, purely as a 'sampler' if nothing else -- see what you enjoy, then go and buy some novels.

Tony Chester

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