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Dark Terrors 4

(1999) Jones & Sutton (Eds.), Millennium, £6.99, pbk, 349pp, ISBN 1-85798-894-9

Very strong horror anthology (possibly the best in the series so far, including the Pan Dark Voices volumes) with excellent stories from (among others): Richard Christian Matheson, Neil Gaiman, David J. Schow, Dennis Etchison, Lisa Tuttle, Thomas Tessier, and Michael Marshall Smith. Of course, individual readers will love some stories and loathe others, but thatís only to be expected from any anthology (something the editors are only too well aware of, and do not apologise for -- nor should they). However, Jones and Sutton generally score more Ďhitsí than Ďmissesí, and Iím happy to endorse this series. A must for horror fans.

Tony Chester

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