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Effendi (2002) Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Earthlight, 12.99, hrdbk, 376pp, ISBN 0-7432-0285-6

He's defintely a fugitive from US justice, he may be the son of the Emir of Tunis, and somehow he's become the Chief of Detectives of the free port of El Iskandryia. Ashraf Bey finds his hands full when the father of his jilted lover, Zara, is accused of mass murder, the city starts falling apart, and he is appointed regent while the US, France and Germany all vie for power. Can his nine year old niece, Hani, help him out when terrorists have just used EMP bombs on the city? And what secrets will Zara's half-brother, DJ Avatar, uncover aboard the Khedive's ship, the SS Jannah?

This second book set in Courtenay's alternate 21st century is every bit as entertaining as the first, with engaging characters and a detailed and fascinating backdrop. Highly recommended.

Tony Chester

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