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Judge Dredd: Goodnight Kiss

(2001) Garth Ennis et al, Titan Books/2000AD, 9.99, gn, 96pp, ISBN 1-84023-346-X


This is one of three currently available collections of Ennis's tales of Mega-City One's favourite Judge, the others being Emerald Isle and Death Aid. This volume collects the four-part "Marshal" story from 2000AD progs 800-803, "Enter: Jonni Kiss" prog 830, and the 9-part title story from progs 940-948. The first was illustrated by Sean Phillips, the second by Greg Staples, and the last by Nick Percival - Sean's work is reminiscent of Ken Steacy, and Greg's and Nick's look quite a bit like Simon Bisley. This is no bad thing, but 2000AD did go through a bit of a period where all the art looked a bit same-y. Just an observation. In this story Dredd is patrolling the Cursed Earth when he is set upon by the Southern Marshals, out to avenge the deaths of their Northern brethren, and the assassin and Judge-killer Jonni Kiss. The usual blood 'n' mayhem ensues, handled with Ennis's usual aplomb, however Dredd's crucifixion is a complete steal (sorry, homage) from an old Conan. All good stuff and definitely one for fans of Dredd and Ennis.

Tony Chester

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