Graphic Novel/Comics Review

Judge Dredd Featuring Judge Death

(2001) John Wagner and Brian Bolland, Titan Books/2000AD, 14.99, hrdbk, 108pp, ISBN 1-84023-386-9


First (I think) of a series of "Classic" Judge Dredd stories in hardback. And where better to start than with the Judge Death stories and the quintessential Dredd artist, Brian Bolland. In fact, Death is only present for half this volume, reprinting his first two appearances (progs 149-151 and 224-228 for those who care), the other half being seven different tales from 1978 and '79, including the excellent "Face-Change Crimes" (Prog 52) and "The Fog" (Prog 127) in which Bolland gets to draw various movie favourites. Obviously this is a bit expensive for black & white artwork, but this is nonetheless a lovely edition celebrating a character about to enjoy his 25th birthday (26/2/2002 is 2000AD's Silver Anniversary, if you care). This is probably a "collectors only" kind of thing, but well worth having if you are one.

Tony Chester

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