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The Kingdom

(1999) Mark Waid and various artists, Titan Books, £10.99, tpb, 218pp, ISBN 1-84023-122-X

Though nowhere near as accomplished as Waid and Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come, this collection -- especially for the old-time comics fan -- is still very good. It starts when Gog starts killing Supermen. That is, he kills Superman one day, then travels back in time 24 hours and kills him again, and so on. His mission is to bring forward in time the nuclear explosion that destroyed Kansas in Kingdom Come and reveal Superman for the ‘villain’ he is. Of course, that cannot be allowed to happen. And what of the child of Superman and Wonder Woman? Where does he fit in...?

Without giving the ending away, I’ll just say that if you were upset when continuity considerations forced DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, followed by the endless re-writings of superheroes’ origins, the implications of this book’s finale should bring a smile to your face.

Tony Chester

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