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All Good Things
The Last SFX Visions

(2017) David Langford, Steel Quill, £24.99, hrdbk, 237pp, ISBN 978-1-910-93543-9


Dave Langford spent twenty one years writing columns for SFX, Future Publishing’s glossy magazine about SF.  He started in 1995 with the first issue and thenceforth contributed to every issue, ending with issue 274 in 2016.  These columns have been reprinted in book form, with the inclusion of additional articles, as The SEΧ Columns and Other Misprints (covering issues 1 to 128), Starcombing (issues 129 to 183), and now as All Good Things: The Last SFX Visions (issues 184 to 274).

The SFX articles run to a couple of pages each whilst some of the additional articles run as far as seven pages.  As there are so many of them, I cannot possibly list or describe them, other than to say that they are full of knowledge and insights covering many aspects of SF, its authors, and SF fandom.  All of them are very well and wittily written.  I found it ideal reading two or three at time; any more and I was afraid of loosing the impact of each.

This is a very good book for dipping into; excellent for brightening the currently dismal winter days.

Peter Tyers


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