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Lenore: Wedgies

(2006) Roman Dirge, Titan Books, 8.99, trdpbk, 112pp, ISBN 1-84576-167-7

This second collection of Roman Dirge's living dead girl, Lenore, is just as wrong as the first collection (Noogies). The utter sickness fired at the Easter Bunny, garden fairies, even the tooth fairy is as dark and twisted as humour could get. Mainly because it is all written and drawn in what seems a very innocent style. It looks cute; Lenore herself is a wonderfully sweet looking ghoul, her adventures are child-like, but the conclusions are always darkly sinister and give rise to some very deranged and hysterical humour.

The supporting characters throughout the book are just as much fun: Samurai Sloth, Skin-less, the vengeful Lady Bug... Of course, Roman Dirge's hapless life experiences all add to the demented nature of the collection. Plus, you get some dope ass tattoo ideas with which to decorate your already mangled body.

So take a dive into Lenore's universe, where everything is so wrong it's right; where everything is dead, cute and dripping with the most diseased funny bone in comic book land.

Alex Boniwell

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