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Lucifer: Exodus

(2005) Mike Carey, Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly, Titan Books, 9.99, trdpbk, 165pp, ISBN 1-84567-031-X

This is volume seven of the Lucifer trade paperbacks and collects issues 42-44 and 46-49 of the monthly comic. Following the abdication of Yahweh the celestial throne is empty. Though only three beings could possibly take His place, there are others who believe that they can usurp His power. If no one else is willing to fight it seems that Lucifer must stand alone to protect Yahweh's Creation, and that of his own universe. Foreseeing a time of immense upheaval Lucifer arms himself from God's armory to face the coming challengers. At the same time, to safeguard his own Creation, Lucifer charges Mazikeen and the recently deified Elaine Belloc with the task of ridding his universe of all immortal beings, knowing that not all will go quietly...

Carey continues the run of his brilliant title to more and more praise. Comics International refers to it as "the best fantasy comic around" and I agree, though a close second best is Bill Willingham's Fables. Carey also now holds the reins to Hellblazer, which I'd recommend as highly as I do Lucifer. Not since Milton has the Devil been such a fascinating character.

Tony Chester

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