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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol.1

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol.1 (2000) Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill, Titan Books, 13.99, trdpbk, 200pp, ISBN 1-84023-302-8

In London in 1898 Campion Bond (ancestor of James) gathers together an extraordinary band of heroes, including Allan Quartermain, Mina Murray (Harker), Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll (and his alter ego) and Hawley Griffin (the Invisible Man). Under the direction of the mysterious "M" they fight the forces of darkness, encountering many of the marvels of the soon-to-dawn 20th century.

This collection of the original six issues also reprints the covers, the Allan Quartermain text story, and includes further goodies besides. Though the trick of using 'classic' charcters is old (and has been used to excellent effect by the likes of Phil Farmer and Kim Newman), Alan Moore has easily produced the most engaging of these 'mixed world' offshoots. O'Neill's art is also wonderful and the choice of him for artist on this title is nothing less than inspired. Highly recommended to all (especially those who have read all the original works).

Tony Chester

The sequel to this graphic novel is reviewed by Jonathan here.

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