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(1999) Greg Egan, Millennium, £5.99, pbk, 295pp, ISBN 1-85798-573-7

Delightful collection of Eganís short stories from 1993-98 (7 from Interzone and 3 from Asimovís). Egan can fit more wonderful ideas on one page than most authors can manage in an entire book. Yes, the characterisations are weak, but thatís hardly unusual in short stories, but the SF speculations and images are mind-boggling, the underlying science is exotic (and real), and every tale fairly drips with a Sense of Wonder. If you ever wondered whatever happened to that indefinable thing that turned you on to SF in the first place, itís alive and well and living in Greg Eganís brain. Go get this book and give yourself a treat.

Tony Chester

Jonathan has a more substantive review here of Luminous.

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