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Dan Dare: Marooned on Mercury

(2005) Frank Hampson, Titan Books, 14.99, hrdbk, 96pp, ISBN 1-840-23847-X


This is the fourth volume in Titan's current reprint of the classic series from Eagle. Dan, feared lost at the end of volume three, crash lands on Mercury and is there confronted by his old enemy The Mekon, who is rebuilding his forces for an attack on Venus following his overthrow and flight from that planet. The natives of Mercury are pacifists and would seem to be no help; meanwhile, on Earth, there are plans for a memorial to Dan and his crew... Most of the script for Marooned was by Chad Varah, and the art was by Hampson, Harold Johns and Greta Tomlinson and first appeared in Eagle from June 1952 to February 1953 (vol.3, nos.12-46). This volume features a brief introduction by Brian May (guitarist from Queen and astronomy graduate), an article on the art of Frank Hampson, and the third part of Alan Vince's interview with Frank (started in the previous two volumes). The final part of the interview will appear in the forthcoming fifth volume, Operation Saturn pt.1 (due out April 2005). Fascinating, lovely and nostalgic, I would recommend these volumes to anyone who remembers Dan Dare or Eagle. This is the way the future was, and I wish it were still. Sadly, now I am here, I can pin all my disappointments on Dan Dare and all the cool stuff that did not come true. Curses!

Tony Chester

See also Dan Dare: Voyage to Venus.

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