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(1997) Douglas E. Winter (Ed.), Voyager, 6.99, pbk, 627pp, ISBN 0-00-649833-7

Rather disappointing attempt at an "anthology novel", showcasing (among others) Joe R. Lansdale and Ramsey Campbell within a framing story by Clive Barker. Each story in the book reflects a decade of this century. The trouble with the book is that it just does not hang together, aside from the artificial linking of F. Paul Wilson's story with that of David Schow & Craig Spector's, and there is no central theme strong enough to carry the whole.

There's nothing specifically wrong with the writing, but everything comes across as unfinished and is, therefore, ultimately unsatisfying. All in all, this was a nice attempt to do a novel that was a side-step from a 'shared world', but in the end it didn't work.

Tony Chester

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