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(2001) Boris Vallejo, Paper Tiger, 14.99, pbk, 108pp, ISBN 1-85585-909-2

This is a new and enlarged edition of what many, including myself, think is Vallejo's best book. Actually there are only eight new pieces in the collection, but there are other advantages over the old edition, chief among them being the replacement of the execrable poetry that accompanied the images first time around. There is a forward and text by Nigel Suckling, but frankly these are quite superfluous -Boris' art speaks for itself. While all the pieces are erotic in nature, they are definitely not puerile or sexist (a 'Boris' woman would flatten anyone not according her the proper respect; they are in complete control of their own sexuality). Nearly 20 years after its first publication Mirage is still an astounding collection, full of wonderous images and glorious colour. Recommended.

Tony Chester

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