Science Fiction Book Review

A Fall of Moondust

(1961/2002) Arthur C Clarke, Gollancz, 6.99, pbk, 224pp, ISBN 0-575-07317-9


Number 49 in Gollancz's "SF Masterworks" series is this welcome reprinting of an early Clarke classic. Back before the Moon landings there were credible theories that our satellite might be covered in 'lakes' of fine dust, and in this novel the tourist-cruiser Selene falls afowl of one such. Buried beneath the choking fine dust, the crew and passengers await rescue while, on the surface, their rescuers have to contend with the inhospitable and unpredictable environment themselves.

I thoroughly recommend readers new to SF to this compelling series of novels which are, as Iain Banks is quoted as saying, "genuinely the best novels from sixty years of SF." Gollancz are to be congratulated on maintaining this fine list.

Tony Chester

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