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The Complete Skizz

(2017) Alan Moore & Jim Baikie, Rebellion, 19.99, pbk, 272pp, ISBN 978-1-781-08542-4


This 2017 edition for the first time brings the three Skizz adventures 1983, 1992 and 1994/5 together in one volume. I have covered the plot basics for this graphic collection before and so will not repeat myself here: see the standalone review for the original Skizz here.

Skizz is an alien who originally found himself stranded on a wild and primitive world called Earth in the twentieth century. Well, Birmingham, England, can be quite terrifying. This comedy, SF thriller plays on themes from the film E.T. as well as left-of-centre politics, rallying against racism and working class poverty.

The second adventure has more of a space opera feel with twin, parallel plot lines: one on Earth where Skizz's alien techno logy is found, and one following Skizz in isolation quartantine on a moon in a distant system.

And there's a final, interstellar romp.

The stories were originally published in the British weekly comic 2000AD that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Though the first story was in black and white, the second two are in full colour.



Jonathan Cowie

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