Science Fiction/Fantasy Art Book Review


(2001) Brom, Paper Tiger, 20.00, hdbk, 128pp, ISBN 1-85585-918-1

This is a lovely collection of Brom's artwork from 1994 to 2001 containing stright fantasy and grotesque horror images from the worlds of games, comics, and books. His influences are there for all to see: Frazetta, Giger, Jeff Jones and Bernie Wrightson to name but a few. His work first came to prominence through the TSR role-playing games company, but has also done advertising, movie art, comics and books. There is an uncompromising and unapologetic enthusiasm on display here, and more power to him for that, as well as a dark imagination that provides a welcome slap in the face to the "cute" school of fantasy artists (intentionally or not). Paper Tiger, as ever, do the work great justice by reproducing it beautifully and carefully, and they are still the kings of the art-books world for my money. Worth every penny.

Tony Chester

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