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Pashazade (2001) Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Earthlight, 6.99, pbk, 326pp, ISBN 0-671-77368-2

In an alternate world where the German's won World War One and the Ottoman Empire still stands ZeeZee is sprung from a Seattle jail and transported to the free port of El Iskandryia by a woman claiming to be his aunt. There he adopts his true(?) identity as the Pashazade Al Mansur, Ashraf Bey, heir to a fortune. But when his aunt is murdered, the finger of suspicion points to him and he must turn detective if he's to stay out of jail. With a nine year old cousin and a jilted lover Ashraf must uncover the real killer while dodging the authorities, German hit squads and the possibility of investigation by the Seattle triads...

I'm sorry I took such a long time to get around to reading this as I thoroughly enjoyed it once I did. The good news is that I was therefore able to read the next volume, Effendi, straight away...

Tony Chester

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