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Preacher: Dead or Alive

(2000) Glenn Fabry, Vertigo/DC Comics, $29.95, 192pp,ISBN 1-56389-687-7

This lovely book contains the covers to all 66 issues of the comics series, all the specials and mini-series, all the trade paperbacks, and a couple of additional pieces. Iíd love to see a companion work showcasing all Fabryís Hellblazer covers, but thatís probably asking too much. This book also contains preliminary sketches, an introduction by Garth Ennis (writer of Preacher), and a running commentary on the covers from Ennis and Fabry. Glenn, like all perfectionists, is very critical of his own work, but non-artists (like myself) can only stare in awe at these delightful paintings. Those familiar with the comic donít need my recommendation for this book, and those who are not need only look inside to see what they are missing. Oh, and Paper Tiger could take some lessons in pricing from the comics companies...

Tony Chester

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