Science Fiction/Fantasy Art Book Review


(2001) Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Paper Tiger, 20.00, hrdbk, 160pp, ISBN 1-85585-929-7

This book will appeal to all fans of Boris and Julie's work and is split into five informative sections: Rough Concepts, Preliminary Sketches, Colour Compositions, Finished Pencil Drawings, and Life Sketches. In all it is probably more interesting for those of an artistic bent, rather than non-artists like myself, but there's plenty here for all and the work provides an interesting context for other collections. The text, as with Mirage, is provided by Nigel Suckling and, once again, is quite superfluous - if a picture paints a thousand words, then Suckling has contributed a doodle. I'm not a big fan of sketchbooks myself, but this is well worth it for the fans. Nice one.

Tony Chester

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