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The Sky Road

(1999) Ken MacLeod, Orbit, £16.99, hrdbk, 291pp, ISBN 1-85723-755-2


Set after an ablation cascade which has destroyed all satellites and left a ring of debris around the Earth, this is the story of Clovis colha Gree, a scholar and worker on humanity’s first new spaceship in centuries, and his lover Merrial, from the caste that administers technology. Together thay must uncover the truth behind the cataclysm known as the Deliverance, and what the heroine Myra Godwin actually did when she came up against David Reid (who will be familiar from earlier novels).

Set in the same universe as MacLeod’s earlier 3 novels, this is a welcome addition to this particular ‘future history’. You don’t really need to read the other books, but it helps.

Tony Chester

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