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Mike and Gabyís Space Gospel

(1999) Ken Russell, Warner, trdpbk, £6.99, 207pp, ISBN 0-7515-3015-8

Iím tempted to say that Russell should stick to making films and let it go at that... Mike and Gaby are two of Rossumís Universal Robots who are charged with creating humanity in order to solve the problem of rust, but whose plans are in danger of being thwarted by an evolved dung beetle. This is the story of Christ told from a (loosely) SF perspective, then given the Douglas Adamsí treatment without, unfortunately, being as funny. If anyone unknown had written this, it would never have been published, but Russellís name is sure to sell a few copies, from curiosity alone. But quite honestly, this book stinks to high heaven and should be avoided at all costs (and I say that even though I like several of his movies!).

Tony Chester

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