Graphic Novel/Comics Review

Tom Strong Book 1

(2000) Alan Moore, Chris Sprouse & Alan Gordon, Titan Books,
11.99, trdpbk, 206pp, ISBN 1-840-23228-5


This collects together the first seven issues of the title and introduces the champion science-hero, Tom Strong. With his wife and daughter, the intelligent ape, King Solomon, and the robot, Pneuman, Tom Strong fights the Modular Man, nazi superwoman Ingrid Weiss, the Pangaean and arch foe Paul Saveen.

Moore is an unspeakably good writer and his love of the medium is second to none. These fabulous tales tip their hats to Doc Savage, EC comics and a plethora of other influences. Additional artists in this volume include Arthur Adams, Dave Gibbons and Jerry Ordway (not to mention cover art from Alex Ross, Angus McKie and Jose Villarrubia), and the book reprints all covers as well as character sketches by Chris Sprouse. Highly recommended.

Tony Chester

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